Life Changing Stories

There is nothing more rewarding than playing a part in transforming someone’s life. In fact, it’s our sole motivation for doing what we do – designing, manufacturing and fitting prosthetics and orthotics that give our patients the freedom to live with more movement, support and confidence.

The difference we see in our patients between their first and final visits is remarkable. Their journeys are a constant source of inspiration and testimony to the real, life changing results we can achieve by working together.

Here are some of some of their stories.

Frank's Story

If you are looking for proof of the power of a prosthesis that’s purpose-built for you, you don’t have to look much further than Frank. Since the amputation of his right leg below the knee in late 2014, Frank has shown an incredible level of determination and grit to not only get “back on his feet” but to push his body to whole new limits as a Powerlifter and regular competitor in Strongman competitions. Frank has been working with Anton over the last three years to develop and continually refine his prostheses to enable him to pursue his passion for weightlifting.

Strength and stability, flexibility and functionality, are the core design elements of the socket – allowing him to focus on the execution of the exercise knowing the prosthesis will be up to the task. The things that count when you’re powerlifting 150kg!

“As an active person all my life, being involved in an accident which resulted in the loss of my lower right leg in 2014 was a major life change. Thankfully, with the help of Anton and his team I have been able to make adjustments to my life with some amazing prosthetic legs over the years which have allowed me to compete in Powerlifting as well as Strongman Competitions around the world. Having Anton listen and understand my requirements in a leg I believe has allowed me to enjoy a quality of life I did not think possible.”