Breast Prostheses & Care

Being a prosthetics company, fitting breast prostheses is a natural addition to our services. Our compassionate staff make all our patients feel at ease. Our team of certified female fitters provide Amoena breast forms, mastectomy lingerie, swimwear and associated products with personalised and discreet consultations.

Currently this service is only available in Brisbane and Toowoomba, but we will hopefully be able to provide the same service at our Townsville office soon.

Please contact our office on (07) 2102 6861 to make an appointment.

Home visits are available by appointment.

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Gina Osborne and Adri Crous

Amoena Adapt Air – Adjustable Breast Form

An integrated air chamber allows individual adjustment to the chest wall and the natural silhouette of the patient. Thanks to Comfort+ technology and a special lightweight silicone, Adapt Air adjustable breast forms provide perfect wearing comfort for women who have undergone a total mastectomy.

What Sets the Adapt Air Breast Form Apart?

Individually adjustable to each unique shape

Integrated air chamber technology allows the breast form size to be adjusted by simply adding or releasing air anytime – on the go or at home.

All day comfort 

The temperature-equalising Comfort+ technology offers all-day comfort to maintain a woman’s ideal body temperature and prevents sweating under the breast form.


InTouch light silicone makes the breast forms 25% to 40% lighter compared to a regular breast form of the same size.

Close to the body

Adapt Air is comfortably customisable to every chest wall for a close fit and perfect skin contact.

Visual symmetry

Adapt Air can be adapted to every woman’s unique shape or bra style for a symmetrical silhouette that’s perfect for a full and active life.

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Amoena Contact

Need a form with staying power? Contact adhesive forms feel like a part of you and give you more fashion freedom.

Features and Benefits

  • Adheres directly to the skin and moves with your body
  • Wearing the breast form attached relieves pressure on the shoulders and provides a sense of lighter weight
  • Easy wear and care – daily care is required for the best adhesion
  • Provides more freedom in clothing choices like those with lower necklines
  • Because the form is attached the patient may feel more secure and self-confident in her appearance

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Amoena Energy

Perspiration is reduced by increased air flow and improved heat absorption.  The InTouch soft silicone also makes it easier to put into a bra pocket.

Improved Surface

Amoena Energy’s softer three-dimensional pearl surface, plus the addition of air flow channels, maximizes ventilation to help the skin breathe behind the form.

30% more Comfort+

Comfort+ temperature-equalizing material absorbs, stores and releases heat to maintain a balance between the breast form and your body. Amoena Energy breast forms contain 30 % more Comfort+ than other Amoena breast forms of the same shape and weight, keeping you comfortable all day, every day.

The InTouch Experience

A softer back layer with the addition of our new InTouch soft silicone creates a super-soft, more flexible form that fits easily into the pocket of a bra and feels more natural to the touch. It’s so soft, you may forget you’re wearing a breast form!

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Amoena Natura

The most natural look and feel

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to drape like a natural breast so that it moves with the body, even flattening when lying down
  • Selected styles feature a soft, clear silicone gel back layer that hugs the body and is extra gentle to scar areas
  • Comfort+ material integrated into the silicone reduces perspiration by equalising the temperature behind the prosthesis

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Amoena Essential

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for essential everyday needs following breast surgery
  • Provides a natural symmetrical appearance

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Amoena Aqua Wave Swimform

Features and Benefits

  • A transparent silicone form for water activities, with a unique natural shape
  • Symmetrical form features raised waves on back that allow air and water to flow through, reducing the amount of suction

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Amoena lingerie

Mastectomy Bras

A good mastectomy bra should look similar to the bras you used before surgery, but it should also include some key characteristics to ensure that it is comfortable to wear and provides the support and discretion you require.

Shoulder straps

The comfortable and adjustable straps support your breast form without putting any strain on the shoulders. Some Amoena styles have wider, padded straps for additional comfort and support.


Unless otherwise specified, all Amoena bras have discreet pockets. These will hold your breast form securely in place – so it won’t slip out or show over the top of the cup, giving you additional peace of mind. Amoena bras can be worn by all women – whether you need a bilateral, left, right or non-pocketed bra.


Cut to follow the shape of a breast form closely to ensure a perfect fit. Elastic edges give extra security.

Wider underband

Provides support and stability, to ensure your breast form stays securely in place.

Variable fastening

1-4 hooks, depending on the size, ensure you have just the right amount of support.

Gentle underwiring

Amoena’s range includes both wired and non-wired styles. Our flex-comfort underwires are specially designed to follow the curve of your breast form, providing gentle support without putting pressure on your breast form or scar area. A wire even gives additional stability and reduces the strain on the shoulder

A wide range of styles are available, including Lace bras, Classis bras, Seamless bras, High coverage bras and Sports bras.  One of our fitters will be able to assist in deciding on the style best suited to your lifestyle and individual requirements.

Matching briefs are available on selected styles, which will perfectly complete your look.

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Amoena Swimwear

Features and Benefits

  • Extra security is ensured with a slightly higher cut under the arm
  • Breast form is discreetly and securely held in place with the specially designed pockets.
  • In addition to the pockets, the breast form is held closely against the body by an elastic under band and cup shaping.
  • The swimwear styles are available in different cup sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.

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Breast forms, mastectomy lingerie and swimwear should be well maintained and washed correctly to extend the life of the product.  Please follow these care instructions.

Breast Forms

To ensure your breast form remains in good condition, you should wash it daily with lukewarm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth or towel. When not being worn, the breast form should be stored in the cradle provided, as this will help to maintain its shape.

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Contact Breast Forms

Only use Amoena Soft Cleanser and the Amoena cleansing brush provided with the Contact breast form

Step 1

Put 3 drops of the Soft Cleanser on the dry adhesive surface and moisten the Soft Brush with lukewarm water

Step 2

Scrub the adhesive surface with the Soft Brush firmly for some time in circular movements using pressure

Step 3

Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water

Step 4

Allow to air-dry

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Mastectomy lingerie

It is preferable to wash your underwear by hand

If you must put them in the washing machine, always use a mild detergent and put your bras in a laundry bag.


Swimsuits need special treatment so they maintain their shape and bright colours for as long as possible. You should follow the special care instructions supplied with each Amoena swimsuit. This additional information will also help you to enjoy your swimsuit a little longer.

Before you swim:

  • Shower in clean water before entering the pool –your swimsuit will absorb less chlorine.
  • Look for oil-free lotions – oils can be damaging to swimwear.
  • If you’re using a hot tub or Jacuzzi, wear one of your older costumes – the chemicals and long exposure to warm water are unkind to swimwear.

After swimming:

  • Wash your swimsuit after use, as body oil and perspiration can break down the elasticity.
  • Always hand wash your swimwear in cool water, using a mild liquid soap. Turn the swimsuit inside out to prevent damage to the outside.
  • Rinse well and gently squeeze in a towel to remove excess water.
  • UV exposure can fade the colours of your swimwear.  Allow to air dry, but never in direct sunlight.
  • Intense heat can damage your swimwear, never use a dryer or an iron.
  • Lay your swimsuit flat or hang to dry, which will prevent wrinkles, and do not store it until completely dry.
  • To avoid the ‘baggy swimsuit’ look; take advantage of Lycra’s fabulous shape retention abilities by waiting 24 hours for your swimsuit to dry before wearing it again.

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External Breast Prostheses Reimbursement Program

Medicare provides reimbursement of up to $400 for a new or replacement external breast prosthesis every 2 years.

One of our fitters will provide and help you complete a Medicare Reimbursement Form to claim the rebate.

To claim, you must:

  • Be enrolled in Medicare
  • have had breast surgery as a result of breast cancer

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Department of Veterans’ Affairs

DVA provides reimbursement of a breast prosthesis every 2 years and 4 bras every year for Gold card holders.

One of our fitters will provide and help you complete a DVA claim to assist with your rebate.

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Breast Prostheses FAQs

What is a breast prostheses?

Breast prostheses are artificial breasts designed to mimic the appearance of your own natural breasts after a mastectomy. Manufacturers of breast prostheses use silicone gel to give them the same feel and look as your own. They are typically designed to fit inside the bra cup.

When you visit a clinic, you’ll need to wear form-fitting clothes when you try on prostheses. The fitter will use several factors to determine which prosthesis is best for your needs. The shape, size, and texture of your breasts will all play a role in choosing a prosthesis. Afterward, the fitter will provide you with instructions on how to care for your prosthesis.

Breast prostheses are worn by many women who have had breast cancer, and they may also be useful if your breasts are unevenly reconstructed.

What are the different types of breast prostheses?

Breast prostheses come in many shapes and cup sizes. For women who have had breast-conserving surgery, there are partial breast prostheses, also called balance shapers. Each prosthesis has a different amount of silicone and varies in size, so the patient can choose a prosthesis that perfectly matches the remaining tissue. There are two main types of breast prostheses: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical prostheses are even on both sides and can be worn on either the left or right side of the body. Asymmetrical prostheses are designed specifically for the right or left side.

Contact prostheses are lightweight and comfortable. With a unique gel adhesive that attach to the skin, they can be worn with less-supportive bras and undergarments like tank tops. Some types of breast prostheses are suited for water activities like swimming.  Their symmetrical form features raised waves on the back that allow air and water to flow through, reducing the amount of suction.

What are the benefits of breast prostheses?

One of the biggest benefits of breast prostheses is that women can wear a breast form in a bra or bathing suit. A trained fitter can provide you with information regarding your options and make a decision that will be right for you.

Another benefit is the symmetry that the breast prosthesis gives you. It helps you regain your body’s centre of gravity. Breast prostheses can even make it possible for you to play sports again! Moreover, you can choose from various sizes and shapes of breast prostheses. You can choose the prosthesis to best suit your unique needs.

Do breast prostheses have side effects?

A temporary prosthesis is made of a material that will not hurt the healing area. It is a convenient alternative to breast reconstruction. Many prosthesis manufacturers also manufacture special bras with built-in pockets that support the weight of the prosthesis.

How much does a breast prostheses cost?

It costs between $160 and $500.   Medicare provides reimbursement of up to $400 for a new or replacement external breast prosthesis every 2 years.

How long does a breast prostheses last & how often should they be replaced?

Breast prostheses usually last around 2 years, which can be prolonged if cared for correctly.